Winged victory the nike of samothrace essay

These ways of support allow the figures to stay together instead of falling apart as it is a method of combing the weight altogether creating a balance within the entire piece visually and physically. Not only did it create balance but also the remarkable closed spaces between the figures, quite triangular at some point between the top and bottom of the piece.

Winged victory the nike of samothrace essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? It is a demonstrative, and powerful sculpture which encapsulates everything great about Ancient Greece.

The sculpture is made of Rhodian marble, stands 2. Discovering Nike was discovered in by the French consul and amateur archaeologist Charles Champoiseau, in the sanctuary of the Great Gods at Samothrace where it was originally set up. Hellenistic architecture and style This breath taking sculpture was created in the period when baroque style developed.

The characteristic features include acanthus column bases, modillion cornices, Corinthian capitals with S-shaped spirals, segmental pediments, half—pediments and curved entablatures Bugh, Baroque sculptures are well known for their powerful and immense size, the twist and turn of their body theatrically in space, frequently clad in drapery that is in motion or semi-transparent Pollitt, Her wings, legs and torso create a sequence of boldly opposing diagonals that enrich the idea or impression she gives of being in motion.

She becomes a dramatic study of conflicting forces and counter-forces, as she leans forward against the wind Ridgway, Her breasts, abdomen, right leg, and left thigh is revealed almost as if they were nude by the drapery that is clinging with thin, long, and uneven ripples.

Not only heavy but also dynamically irregular shapes and bunches are formed by excess fabric. Between her legs is a long, uneven arc of cloth that accentuates its motion and implies the counter-force of the wind against her beautiful curved body Burn, The drapery then collides in a V-shape with a longer swath at her pelvis.

A commemorative Rhodian monument

The fabric at the back soars out behind her in rigid crests. This gives an uneven effect of the drapery, the wind whipping the cloth, similar to the sea below her, into irregular peaks and troughs Ridgway, ; It contributes to the chaotic, uneven and energetically active tone of the statue.

The goddess pushes her wings back as far as possible, and extends them to their full length Ridgway, It seems as if she is mimicking the behaviour of a bird that is about to land. The wings thrown out against the real wind creates an effect of imminent landing. This naturalism and exaggerated irregularity develops a sense of actuality and urgency.

With her fine detailed wings and corporeal body, this unearthly being is one of the most astonishing Hellenistic art works to be seen Ridgway, Genres and audience Hellenistic art is a marked by craft, technical virtuosity. Certain theatrical sense was one of the fundamental characteristics of this time.

There was a fondness for dramatical settings, surprizing, and mysterious inner space Pollitt, These art pieces encaptured the fortune and trails of heroes in moments of crises, designed to dazzle its audiencethrrough their sheer technical virtuosity Pollitt, There is a transitory story in each sculpture and each sculpture emphasizes a specific moment.

The dramatic contrasts, exaggerated and distorted forms, the heightened expressions of emotion ads on to the message conveyed by the sculptor Fowler, To understand them, the viewer must recapture the primeval fascination that the artist drew on in order to endow each of his creations with their own strength and impact.The Winged Victory of Samothrace is also known as Nike (of Samothrace).

Winged victory the nike of samothrace essay

Nike was the Greek goddess of Victory who would bring messages of victory and success to others. Classical Greek Pottery.

A presentation mixing grandeur and theatricality

During this era, Ceramic art and thus vase-painting experienced a progressive decline. Exactly why, we don't know, but, judging by the lack of innovations and the increasing sentimentality of the designs, the .

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The Nike Essay Words | 4 Pages. The Nike A Greek would say, "When we go to battle and win, we say it is Nike." According to Greek Mythology, The Nike was the winged goddess of victory. Richard MacDonald Sculpture [Amy Pitsker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This museum-quality photo essay chronicles MacDonald's lifetime of artistic achievement including sculpture, paintings.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace | Louvre Museum | Paris