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At the moment that humans began controlling the reproduction of honey bee stocks, the process of domestication was begun. This process has intrinsic genetic and biological consequences, some of which have come to haunt us today.

Upetd up ac za thesis available etd

Just click on their ads to go to their websites. Part 4 First published in: The Necessary Evolution of Mite Management Fifteen years ago, I planted nearly a hundred fruit trees and grape vines at my place. Once they were established and fruiting, to my dismay I found that in order to bring fruit to the table, that at least in my region some of the cultivars needed time-consuming treatments.

But others, season after season, have required no special care. World wide, many beekeepers realize this, and recent research has confirmed it [ 2].

But at that time I felt that our industry was not yet ready for it—some hobbyists, perhaps, but not the commercial guys who have the greatest impact upon the managed bee breeding population. So now, after waiting eight years, I feel that the time has come to present the argument that we should finally get serious about dealing with varroa.

Upetd up ac za thesis available etd

We could make beekeeping so much easier if we, as an industry, worked together to shift the genetics of the North American bee population toward stocks that were able to manage varroa on their own.

And as such I offer the following exhibits: This sister species to our bee is the natural host of varroa, and has established a stable and non-threatening host-parasite relationship with the mite. Apis cerana is nearly identical to our bee, yet has evolutionarily figured out how to keep varroa under firm control.

Although mite resistance varies in this widespread population, in many areas beekeepers find little reason to bother to apply treatments.

These stocks are maintained without any mite treatments whatsoever, and there is hard data showing that they can perform well in commercial operations [ 5]. They are living proof that many different bloodlines of bees living wild in this country have survived through nearly three decades of varroa pressure.

John Kefuss, Kirk Webster, and many small-scale breeders are successfully keeping bees of selected stocks without using any mite treatments there are even a few almond pollinators in this group. It will require expanding numbers of this last subset to convince our industry of the feasibility of using resistant stock.

I visited pioneer Kirk Webster in the early years of his breeding program. Photo credit Mike Palmer. The Savannah and Cape bee races in South Africa. I saved the best for last.

South Africa has a robust bee industry, which was invaded by varroa in However, unlike as in Europe and North America, few beekeepers chose to use varroacides. Plenty of hives collapsed in the first few years, but both races of indigenous honey bees of the same species as the bee that we keep soon showed signs of resistance.

In a few years, varroa was considered to be only an incidental pest [ 8]. At every bee conference in the U.

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How refreshing it would be to not even have to think about varroa. But there is absolutely nothing to keep us from making a smooth transition I will later describe how we can go about doing this.

That is, if we have the will. Personally, the mere thought of beekeeping without regard to varroa brings a smile to my face. Two Exciting New Studies And as obvious as it was that mite resistance was achievable, I still hesitated to write about it, because other researchers were having trouble in understanding the exact mechanisms involved.

In doing so, I came to realize that if I want to beat the mite, that I need to understand varroa at the same deep level—to put myself into its body and experience the world through its senses, and to achieve the same deep understanding of how some bees have evolved to coexist with this parasite.

The varroa mite is tiny and blind, and experiences the world in ways nearly incomprehensible to humans. To beat the mite, we need to learn to understand how varroa exists at the scale in the photo above.

Photo credit ARS, public domain.Dijete koje posjeduje odvažnost da samo pokuša stvoriti nešto novo i ne zadovoljava se gotovim sadržajima, nego se zabavlja njihovim mijenjanjem ili izmišljanjem novih, a pri tom uživa u samom postupku i ponosno je na rezultat - kreativno je dijete.

I’ve also spent several hundred hours in developing a mite population model (which I plan to soon make publicly available). The model confirms that mite resistance is achievable by the bees slightly tweaking a few behaviors and chemical cues. 'Forbes Coal'), a private Ontario coal mining company is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with the shareholders of Slater.

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• Slater Coal • Dundee • KwaZulu-Natal •

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