Turkey earthquake izmit essay

The earthquake occurred on the east west fault of north Anatolian which is similar to the San Andreas Fault. Actually its this similarity that motivated the extensive study of the fault as the scientist from the US and Turkey wanted to identify the common hazards that the world faces, their report also indicated the implications of the hazards in the near future on both Turkey and the United States of America in a comprehensive report which is available on line.

Turkey earthquake izmit essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Earthquakes have lots of energy that cause destruction on the planet. There are up to earthquakes per year and about 30 cause serious damage.

The earth is made up of many different plate tectonics, some large like the Pacific plate and some small like the Nazca plate. Most activity happens are plate boundaries Turkey earthquake izmit essay there are three types of boundaries.

Destructive plate boundaries are where one plate the less dense Nazca sima is sub ducting under another more dense plate, South American sial.

Turkey Earthquake, Izmit

Conservative plate boundaries merely slide place each other and are quite inactive. Earthquakes are very rare here compared to destructive plate boundaries.

There is also constructive plate boundaries, where plates are pulling apart and sea trenches and ridges appear. When friction builds up between the two plates moving towards each other cause friction to release and cause an earthquake.

LEDC have highest amount of vulnerability due to the amount of poor infrastructure and poor emergency response. The seismic gap theory helps scientists accurately predict where an earthquake is going to occur, however they cannot say when.

Istanbul in Turkey is on the km fault line called the San Antonio.

The Izmit Earthquake Disaster Report, Turkey Free Short | Essays & Assignments

Scientists are able to say that Istanbul will be the next spot because of the accurate prediction of the Izmit Bay Earthquake. It is before Istanbul on the fault line and scientists said it was next in and in August their predictions came true.

Turkey earthquake izmit essay

It was a magnitude of 2. Japan is seen as a MEDC and is a hotspot for earthquakes as it is the meeting point for plates such as the Pacific from the East and the Eurasian from the west.

Kobe has an earthquake in and caused mass destruction to the area. It caused 4, deaths and uptopeople were made homeless.


It was seen as the most costly disaster in history because Kobe is a developed city and its infrastructure and buildings collapsed in the disaster. It came as a shock when so many buildings collapsed as back in new building regulation were introduced. To make buildings earthquake proof it is only a couple of percentage of the total cost of the building so it is worth it.

Mexico is also a hotspot for many earthquakes as it is on the meeting point of the plates.Izmit Turkey Earthquake – Also known as the Koccaeli, Turkey Earthquake With short comparison to Loma Prieta Earthquake Location • Marmara re.

From “ to , Turkey had 11 earthquakes all over magnitude on the Richter scale” (“ Izmit, Turkey Earthquake”).

Turkey earthquake izmit essay

It was also compared to the San Andreas Fault because one earthquake eventually led to another earthquake, or also known as Earthquake Storms. Below is an essay on "Izmit Earthquake" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Assignment On August 17, northwest Turkey which has a population of 20 million people or one third of Turkey’s population experienced a powerful earthquake. More Essay Examples on Turkey Rubric. In the year , turkey was hit by a serious earthquake known as the Kocaeli - The Izmit Earthquake Disaster Report, Turkey Essay introduction.

The Mw earthquake is one of the world’s largest and best studied earth’s horizontal movement (strike slip faults). Download thesis statement on Turkey Earthquake, Izmit in our database or order an original thesis paper that will be written by one of our staff writers and delivered according to .

Earthquakes in Turkey. North-western Turkey, the county's most densely populated region and industrial heartland, has been struck by two massive earthquakes in The first, on 17 August at local, measured on the Richter scale and lasted 45 seconds.

Izmit, an industrial city of one million in western Turkey, was nearest the epicenter.

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