The package holiday industry in the united kingdom marketing essay

Travelodge analysis and pest analysis This report will be providing a detailed analysis of the existing Budget Hotel market, and how to improve the competiveness of the Travelodge UK, the second largest Budget Hotel chain in the United Kingdom, Second Premier Inn. Assumptions, Constraints, and Dependencies3 1. Business and Customer Requirements3 2. Assumptions, Constraints, and Dependencies 1.

The package holiday industry in the united kingdom marketing essay

Advertising is an important tool for promoting a business which is widely used in hospitality industry. A significant increase in the global travelers has been observed for the past few decades.

Consequently, the hospitality industry is also expanding and giving rise to extensive competition PwC, Jamieson, Hotel industry is unique because it has to deal with tangible and intangible product. Advertising is a form of marketing communications that assists in reaching the potential as well as existing customer base.

In order to scrutinize the importance of advertisement in hotel industry for increasing its customer base this research study will be carried out. This research study will consider Holiday Inn for analyzing its impact on television advertising Ihg.

Research Aims and Objectives The aims and objectives of a research must be presented in a comprehensive manner. The research aim is to analyze the importance of television advertisement in hotel industry.

The objectives of this research paper are: To analyze the core concepts of advertising and its strategies in marketing in context of hotel industry. To analyze the influence of television advertisement in consumer behavior. To evaluate the present trend in the hotel industry.

The relevance of television advertisement in enhancing customer base in hotel industry. Research Questions The research questions of a research paper help to identify the major issues of the research topic. Hence, addressing the research questions will helps in proceeding in the right direction in an organized manner.

Answering the following questions will help in achieving the research objectives of this paper. What is the present situation of hotel industry?

What is the role of marketing communications in hotel industry? What is the impact of television advertisements in hotel industry? What are the present advertising strategies adopted by the hotels? What are the most important elements of effective advertisement for hotel industry?

Television advertisement has a great impact on increasing the customer base of Holiday Inn H1: Television advertisement has no significant impact on increasing the customer base of Holiday Inn.

Literature Review The endurance of a business is extensively dependent upon the purchasing decision of the customers which is responsible for generating revenue for the business. Presently, the hotel industry of United Kingdom is focusing on developing marketing strategies in order to maximize their revenue in the extremely competitive market.

The package holiday industry in the united kingdom marketing essay

The hotel groups in United Kingdom are attempting to gain competitive advantage by focusing on their promotional activities which connects them with their clients and help in creating enthusiastic bond with them. The hotel needs to recognize the need of the customers, their preferences for ensuring superior quality service.

Thus, the customer retention rate will increase which will add to the profit margin of the organization Arens and Schaefer, Marketing communication is a crucial factor which helps to communicate the real essence of the brand so that their brand image over the time.

Marketing mix elements help in developing strategies for enhancing the customer base Hudson, Expedia and the Holiday Package Industry.

The package holiday industry in the united kingdom marketing essay

Home; Subject; and event tickets bookings. Besides, the company offers concierge services in Switzerland, the united kingdom, France, Italy and Spain under this segment.

Popularity And Benefits Of Using A Jit System Marketing Essay. The package holiday, technically known as an inclusive tour, has become a major contributor to the growth of tourism, particularly in the United Kingdom, Scandinavian and West German markets.

The first commercial flight from the united kingdom was to Paris in , but it was very expensive. In the the introduction of the Boeing brought flying cost low dramatically and open entrance doors to mass travel and leisure.

In a growing number of consumers were avoiding package holidays and were instead travelling with budget airlines and booking their own accommodation. In the UK, the downturn in the package holiday market led to the consolidation of the tour operator market, which is now dominated by a .

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Expedia and the Holiday Package Industry