Single perfect raindrop

Inhaling deeply, I smell rain in the air, though the forecast calls for clear skies.

Single perfect raindrop

Designed to give the experience of showering in the rain, rain shower heads are often engineered to deliver multiple settings from drenching rain storm to a water saving trickle.

Usually consisting of a thin square or round disk shaped head with many small holes in which water can flow out steadily and evenly.

More advanced models include a pulse mechanism to force the shower spray to form into droplets. Even more advanced models allow multiple or even randomized settings. Pulsating rain massage for spa like treatmentdrenching rain storm for a great strong shower and water saving trickle for a long, long hot shower without the guilt are examples of the different settings available on different models.

Randomized settings give an amazingly realistic rain shower experience. There are many shapes and designs with multiple materials and finishes available such as steel, chrome and brass to suit any bathroom design.

Single perfect raindrop

Advantages of a rainfall shower head You get a gentle, relaxing shower. Rain droplets versus sharp water jets? Shower in luxury and comfort, your very own raincloud each morning at the temperature you desire. Great style and flair. Rain shower heads look great!

A quality rain shower head will make your bathroom and shower look like a million dollars. Give your bathroom and shower a 5-star hotel room finish.

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More coverage in your shower. Ever feel like you had to run around in a shower to get wet? More options for you. The more advanced rain shower heads have multiple spray pattern to choose from.

More choices let you pick the shower spray that fits you and your mood.

Head Thrower Raindrop Camel

Feel like a strong hot shower? Choose the drenching rainfall. Feel like a long meandering, stress melting shower? Choose the water saving trickle and never feel guilty about using too much water.

Single perfect raindrop

Sore and stiff muscles? Choose the pulsing rain massage and wash that soreness away. How do I find the best rain showerhead for me? When shopping for a new rain shower head there are several things you should consider; Size. Bigger is better in our opinion for a great rain shower. Take some time to read the user reviews from other customers that have bought the same product on Amazon, and you will be able to find the right shower head for your bathroom.


Some rain shower heads have multiple spray settings and more advanced spray designs. If you are simply looking for a nice and simple rain shower, then a basic design with a single setting should do you fine. If you are looking to be able to switch between rainfall, powerful massage, drenching and mist settings, then pick a head with more spray settings.

Is the model designed to be wall mounted or ceiling mounted? Will this fit your current shower arm?Unlike the other products in our top five list, this rain shower head from Grohe is a much smaller ″ – which is perfect if you’ve got a small shower area, or you’re looking to fit this to an existing wall shower arm if you’re renting and want to improve your shower experience.

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Albeit, not necessarily every droplet is a perfect sphere. The form ultimately depends on the size of a droplet. The first one is a perfect sphere because every droplet "tries" to .

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