Should stay at home moms get a salary

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Should stay at home moms get a salary

I believe the social distaste for stay at home moms that has developed over the last few decades is a feministic issue brought on by feministic pursuits. Refrain from passing your judgment of that word for now.

As we broke free from our households and tossed our aprons aside, respect for the modern woman who chooses to stay home even for just 2 to 3 years, even part-time, even with 5 kids and no financial ability for 5 daycare bills in the 21st century has diminished.

You lost worthiness, respect and desirability by remaining at home. I would be bored. While women on both sides of the coin working and stay at home moms have experienced judgment on their decision, the root of the problem is equitable.

The constant, seething need to be accepted, to belong, to be deemed worthy, to be validated is a deep human desire dating back to tribal times. So, how do you judge stay at home moms? Is the first thought in your head… lazy? How do these judgments make you feel about yourself — accepted into the majority?

Shameful for wanting that? Now, if acceptance is largely one of the most important factors that guides our self-esteem, how we interact with our world, and who we portray ourselves as… why do we continue to tell stay at home moms or working moms they are not accepted?

By doing so, we are telling women that by acknowledging a primal desire to care for their child and set aside their career pursuits or pursue them from homethey are not meeting your expectations.

Did my mom make the ultimate sacrifice for staying home with me? Besides the fact we automatically assume all fathers work, we also automatically assume that all dads must work to support their families and adhere to principles of masculinity. Men are also not immune to these stereotypes and pre-judgments but to a far lesser degree than women.

On the other hand, women are told many things. We must be thin. We must get an advanced degree to compete with the opposite gender. We must work our way up the corporate ladder.

We must accept a lesser pay grade.

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We must break the glass ceiling. Our cookies need to win the bake sale. Loud women are unattractive. We need to speak up more. We need to be in a constant pursuit of perfection. We need to accept our bodies. We all hate our bodies.

We must be sexy. We all like shoes. Our opinions matter less. The only consistent message women receive is that we need to be all the things, for all the people, and accept that we will still be marginalized and judged for our choices as a mother.

Feministic pursuits which I align with working to reverse the above stereotypes have also played a part in mitigating the beauty of maternalism. She really should be in school 5 days week.

You need to be around adults My response: But I learn more from my child than I ever did in 25 years of school. She is more joyful, interesting and so much less of an asshole than you. I consider myself an unwavering feminist, but feminism has also caused a ripple effect washing away the esteem of motherhood in some sectors.

I work for myself because you bet I will break the glass ceiling at my previous job in advertising. If I had chosen to not work at all, I would be equally as proud of myself for becoming a self-sufficient, loving, immensely caring mother.

Because I see the time, devotion, thought, skill and intention that goes into motherhood. Then why does the stigma of being a stay at home mom still permeate?

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Should stay at home moms get a salary

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