Problem of corruption essay

August This essay is derived from a talk at Defcon Suppose you wanted to get rid of economic inequality. There are two ways to do it: But they amount to the same thing, because if you want to give money to the poor, you have to get it from somewhere.

Problem of corruption essay

Mon, Dec 7, at 7: Special Agent Gus Gonzalez leaned back in the front seat of his truck to get a better angle with his camera.

It was December 5,a chilly day for a stakeout in subtropical South Texas. A few miles away, across the river in Mexico, a war over drugs and money raged. Gonzalez and his partner, both agents with a federal law enforcement division called Homeland Security Investigations, had gotten a tip that two men they had been investigating would be buying bulk ammunition that day at the store, so they had staked out the parking lot to take photos and gather evidence.

He watched as the stocky year-old with close-cropped hair rolled a shopping cart over to a white Chevy truck, then dropped a new Remington rifle into the bed and walked away. Gonzalez ducked down in his seat. A Border Patrol checkpoint along U.

Another investigation, opened ininvolved accusations far more serious. But by stumbling into the gun-running sting, he handed prosecutors a more expedient case to take to trial, which they did in July He never answered for Problem of corruption essay alleged corruption, only for lying about the gun purchase.

Why was he allowed to work under a cloud of suspicion for so long? The answer lies within the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General OIGwhich sounds like one more obscure corner of federal bureaucracy, but is the agency ultimately responsible for investigating corrupt and abusive agents.

Inthe Bush administration and Congress rolled 22 agencies into one mega-bureaucracy. Customs and Border Protection. The shakeup gave rise to a complex web of internal affairs bodies, with overlapping jurisdictions, conflicting interests and chronic funding shortages.

In the shuffle, Customs and Border Protection — now the largest law enforcement agency in the country — was left without its own internal affairs investigators. That task would instead be left to OIG, which had roughly investigators and responsibility for the oversight of more thanemployees.

Problem of corruption essay

In comparison, the FBI has internal affairs investigators for its 13, agents. To make matters worse, the office often refused offers of help from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies that also keep watch over customs officers and Border Patrol agents.

In the last two years, new leaders in DHS have pushed OIG to cooperate more with sister agencies, but dysfunction still runs deep. Each agency has its own protocols, case numbers and filing systems, its own sense of institutional pride, and its own acronyms.

Accounts of corruption have multiplied: In Arizona, a Border Patrol agent was caught on police video loading a bale of marijuana into his patrol vehicle; another agent in Texas was caught waving loads of drugs through the international port of entry for a cartel; and in California, a Border Patrol agent smuggled immigrants across the border for money.

But Homeland Security officials have no way to gauge how extensive the problem is within its ranks. The corruption investigations conducted by OIG, the panel noted, are often unsatisfactory.

Moreover, they often take far too long. The dysfunction has put the fundamental mission of DHS in jeopardy.

Inequality and Risk

After all, what good are more boots on the ground if the men and women wearing them also work for the cartels?

What benefit is an foot wall when criminals can bribe their way through the gate? Pedraza and his team were responsible for policing fraud, waste and abuse among several thousand border and customs agents ranging over miles from Brownsville to Laredo. On paper, Pedraza, 49, was a seasoned professional with a long career that included a stint at the U.

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But by the time Pedraza hired Special Agent Robert Vargas that January, the McAllen office had become a frustrating place to work, plagued by low morale and high turnover.

We had more cases than we could deal with. But when he glanced inside the case file, it was basically empty. So he got to work. Illustration by Chad Tomlinson Vargas had years of investigative experience with the U.

Air Force and the Harlingen Police Department, where he had worked on a federal anti-drug task force.

He knew a good case when he saw one. Some are all fat — anonymous tips about anonymous agents. It was a dead end. Then something else unexpected happened.Corruption Essay 2 ( words) Corruption is the misuse of public property, position, power and authority for fulfilling the selfish purposes to gain personal satisfactions.

Corruption is the misuse of authority for personal gain of an individual or group. Zephyr Teachout’s important new book reminds us that corruption—in its more expansive sense of excessive private interest undermining public virtue—poses very real risks to a functioning democracy, risks that were foreseen at the founding, and that have preoccupied politicians, statesmen, and jurists for the entire course of our nation’s history.

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Corruption is a very good topic for the essay writing. It is relevant to the problems that modern societies face worldwide. Before writing the essay on corruption, you should clearly understand what the main points of corruption are that should be described in the essay.

"Analysis of Police Corruption" Police corruption is a complex phenomenon, which does not readily submit to simple analysis. It is a problem that has and will continue to affect us all, whether we are civilians or law enforcement officers.

Why Is Corruption a Problem? | Essay Example