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Pro writing aid collocations

The average person applying contemporary community standards would find, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interests; 2.

pro writing aid collocations

Describes, in a patently offensive way, deviate sexual intercourse, sadomasochistic abuse, sexual battery, bestiality, sexual conduct, or sexual excitement; and 3.

Taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value. No telephone company shall be liable for any damages, penalty, or forfeiture, whether civil or criminal, for disconnecting such public announcement service subscriber who violates this subsection.

Each transmission shall be considered a separate violation. The plan shall provide for: Such system shall include law enforcement, firefighting, and emergency medical services and may include other emergency services such as poison control, suicide prevention, and emergency management services.

The office shall be responsible for the implementation and coordination of such plan. The office shall adopt any necessary rules and schedules related to public agencies for implementing and coordinating the plan, pursuant to chapter The director in implementing the system shall consult, cooperate, and coordinate with local law enforcement agencies.

It is the intent of the Legislature that E service be available throughout the state. Expenditure by counties of the E fee authorized and imposed under s. This section does not prohibit two or more counties from establishing a combined emergency E communications service by an interlocal agreement and using the fees authorized and imposed by pro writing aid collocations.

I of the State Constitution, except that such record or information may be disclosed to a public safety agency. The exemption applies only to the name, address, telephone number or personal information about, or information which may identify any person requesting emergency services or reporting an emergency while such information is in the custody of the public agency or public safety agency providing emergency services.

It is further the intent of the Legislature that the fee authorized or imposed by this section not necessarily provide the total funding required for establishing or providing E service.

The term includes the ground, platform, or roof installation of equipment enclosures, cabinets, or buildings, and cables, brackets, and other equipment associated with the location and operation of the antennae. E service provided by a wireless provider means E as defined in the order.

The term includes any structure that can structurally support the attachment of antennae in compliance with applicable codes.

The fund shall be segregated into wireless, prepaid wireless, and nonwireless categories. The term does not include any building construction standard adopted under and in compliance with chapter Order adopted on June 12,with an effective date of October 1,the amendments to s.

Memorandum and Order No. FCC adopted on December 23, FCC adopted December 31, Orders and rules subsequently adopted by the Federal Communications Commission relating to the provision of services, including Order Number FCC, adopted May 19, The term includes voice-over-Internet-protocol service.

The service enables real-time, two-way voice communications; 2. The service requires IP-compatible customer premises equipment; and 4. The service offering allows users generally to receive calls that originate on the public switched telephone network and to terminate calls on the public switched telephone network.

Placing a wireless communications facility on an existing structure does not cause the existing structure to become a wireless communications facility. Is subject to the requirements of the order; or 2.

Elects to provide wireless service or E service in this state. The term includes service provided by any wireless real-time two-way wire communication device, including radio-telephone communications used in cellular telephone service; personal communications service; or the functional or competitive equivalent of a radio-telephone communications line used in cellular telephone service, a personal communications service, or a network radio access line.

The term does not include wireless providers that offer mainly dispatch service in a more localized, noncellular configuration; providers offering only data, one-way, or stored-voice services on an interconnected basis; providers of air-to-ground services; or public coast stations.

In order to advise and assist the office in implementing the purposes of this section, the board, which has the power of a body corporate, has the powers enumerated in subsection 6. The remaining 10 members of the board shall be appointed by the Governor and must be composed of 5 county coordinators, consisting of a representative from a rural county, a representative from a medium county, a representative from a large county, and 2 at-large representatives recommended by the Florida Association of Counties in consultation with the county coordinators; 3 local exchange carrier member representatives, one of whom must be a representative of the local exchange carrier having the greatest number of access lines in the state and one of whom must be a representative of a certificated competitive local exchange telecommunications company; and 2 member representatives from the wireless telecommunications industry, with consideration given to wireless providers that are not affiliated with local exchange carriers.

Not more than one member may be appointed to represent any single provider on the board. Each of the remaining 10 members of the board shall be appointed to a 4-year term and may not be appointed to more than two successive terms. However, for the purpose of staggering terms, two of the original board members shall be appointed to terms of 4 years, two shall be appointed to terms of 3 years, and four shall be appointed to terms of 2 years, as designated by the Governor.

A vacancy on the board shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment.Type or paste a DOI name into the text box.

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Do you writing in the Mac Ms Word and then open the file as a project via the desktop Pro Writing Aid app. You will be able to save the changes and it will save in the document you uploaded. I literally just tested. Online OXFORD Collocation Dictionary. aid noun. 1 money, food, etc.

in ~ of collecting money in aid of charity | with/without the ~ of She is now able to walk with the aid of a stick. IELTS Essay Writing Topics; IELTS Writing Ideas; Language Study of English; Google Dictionary;. Nov 20,  · As a writing instructor, ProWritingAid is the online grammar checker I’d recommend to my students.

The software looks for common problems in writing structure, though it missed some of the smaller punctuation errors that Grammarly fixed/

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