Navigating the global the shipping news and related material

The group is promoting its Smart Marine Ecosystem, a vision where smart vessels connect with smart ports and beyond to maximize the use of resources and operational efficiency, minimize environmental impact and risk, and achieving highest levels of safety and security. In March this year it announced its acquisition of Transas for million Euro, a global company offering marine navigation solutions that include complete bridge systems, digital products and electronic charts. He said that a daily noon report based on manual input is accepted for performance comparison, with the knowledge kept in the head of the captain or management preventing best practice to be shared across the fleet. He said that typically shipping competes only with other shipping companies; the freight to rail, road and air has an overall poor service; ship management has been commoditized; there is financial control instead of technology; and economy of scale is seen as the only viable opportunity.

Navigating the global the shipping news and related material

Should there be a sudden change in trade policies between the United States and major Asian partners, Armstrong feels that 3PLs will come to rely more on air cargo than ocean carriers for more agile adaptation.

And as logistically complex product categories make the shift to e commerce, the extra mile is only becoming more cumbersome and costly. At the time of the sale, OHL had value-added distribution centers in North America with more than 36 million square feet of warehouse space, along with 8, employees.

They are moving beyond their assets to deliver their promises. Learning from the KFC debacle What went wrong, and how can organizations prevent themselves from falling into the same trap?

Two months after the initial crisis, less than half of the locations were serving a full menu, according to HuffPost UK. The situation has been more than just a PR and logistics nightmare for company executives.

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

What went wrong, and how can organizations prevent themselves from falling into the same trap? These 3PL companies rely on a complex patchwork of individual trucking companies and other carriers to deliver their service.

A New Era in Shipping and Global Trade. 2 AB N e arc T related issues. The KETC team has recently completed a design review for a proposed LNG bunkering vessel. This has included studying LNG tank structural material selection and more accurate boil-off. A search of all of Tesla's 8-K filings for the last months reveals no 8-K filings related to the acquisition of trucking companies. A search of its second quarter Q, its most recent, also reveals nothing about acquiring trucking companies or capacity. It is the world’s largest audited circulation magazine serving the global maritime industry, delivering more insightful editorial and news to more industry decision makers than any other source.

Organizations should take specific measures for creating visibility in the vendor supply chain when it is dependent on 3PL providers. Companies should work with their 3PL partners to keep track of which carriers will be used for their shipments and ensure that their quality and security requirements are cascaded down to subcontractors in contractual language with the 3PL.

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Companies should clearly define key performance indicators with the 3PL partner and minimum standards for carriers that they use. In addition, companies should work to identify where their supply chains run through regions that are vulnerable to disruptive local events and build in redundancy there to circumvent disruption or supply chain bottlenecks.

Companies should speak with vendors about how local events affect them and what contingency plans they have in place, as well as engage with external geopolitical risk experts who can offer unbiased analysis and context.

Navigating the global the shipping news and related material

Communication and cooperation between the teams examining the supply chain—business continuity, procurement, logistics, and so on—is essential to reduce silos and mitigate overall risk.

While many organizations seek to simplify and streamline their supply chains to maximize efficiency and profitability, reducing redundancy can also introduce risk, fragility, and an increased potential for disruption. Complex supply chains can hide diamond-shaped chains, in which most or all vendors source a component from a small group of suppliers.

For example, dye pigments used in many manufacturing industries are only made by a few factories in one region of Japan. A natural disaster in that region that halted production would disrupt all industries that use that pigment.

This increases the difficulty of ensuring quality and security through the distribution chain. In some cases, it may be more sustainable in the long term to work with a roster of several approved logistics companies, granting delivery lanes to each one depending on where their networks are the most dense and robust.

Companies can then compare performance across lanes and re-allocate them as the better performing providers rise to the top.

Working with multiple logistics providers serves as a sort of insurance policy. In case there is a business continuity issue with one of them, one or several of the others may be able to fill in.

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If you take basic precautions to protect the integrity of your supply chain today, your organization will be more likely to operate uninterrupted—preventing future headaches and negative headlines in the future 3PLs as business intelligence leaders At the same time, other industry analysts and trade associations are making a case for 3PLs to take on more of a leadership role in capturing market intelligence.

Rafael Duarte Alcoba and Kenneth W. But as technology and innovation drive forward, methods facilitating the use of mathematical tools for predictions improve: He adds that modest-sized 3PLs like AGL are often naturally more agile than their enterprise counterparts, and still have the right tools to provide the shipper with a competitive edge against the big guys.

Patrick is a widely-published writer and editor who has spent most of his career covering international trade, global logistics, and supply chain management.

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He lives and works in San Francisco, providing readers with a Pacific Rim perspective on industry trends and forecasts.The Updated GM General Terms and Conditions You Spoke.

GM Listened! Vice President of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain, Grace Lieblein, was quoted by Automotive News as explaining that the reason for the revision of the terms GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Technical Information. With only a minority of the world's population working in sea-related occupations today, boardroom captains tend to think of the seafaring age - with its evocative clipper ships and ocean liners - .

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The collapse of industrial civilization, well underway since at least , presents humankind with unprecedented and daunting challenges in the area of energy. Navigating Shifting - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

TRADE COMPLIANCE. As a market leader in global air freight forwarding, OIA Global excels in providing a comprehensive range of international time-definite air freight solutions, designed with the flexibility to meet any global shipping .

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