Introduction to business strategy

Please allow 5 to 10 days for delivery. Overview Strategic management consists of a set of decisions and actions resulting in the formulation and implementation of strategies designed to achieve the objectives of an organization. It involves taking decisions about the products, location, and the organization's structure-decisions that determine the survival of the organization in the short and long term. It starts with strategic diagnosis, and culminates in new products, markets, technologies and capabilities.

Introduction to business strategy

Thursday, July 19, 1: As you know the Interwebz is based on a request-response approach where you request a page and get a response back. Introduction to business strategy approach is the same whether you update the whole page or portions of it.

Facebook, which also contains a very rich and dynamic interface, has been excellent in making a dynamic web interface minimizing the amount of data downloaded for each user interaction and in this way also increasing the perceived performance.

Up until now SharePoint out-of-the-box has not been that efficient on this, even though SharePoint did some improvements. Most often the whole page has been reloaded for each and every action, this of course affects all end-users and the perceived performance of SharePoint. In this post I will walk you through some details of MDS, how to leverage it in your own customizations and how to successfully adapt your current and future customizations to MDS.

Introduction to business strategy

This page is responsible for loading pages from the site using the MDS. Basically it parses the URL, looks for the sign and takes the path following that and dynamically loads that page. Subsequent requests to pages are dynamically loaded through the asyncDeltaManager object.


A request is created and downloaded asynchronously and only the "delta" is returned to the client and assembled and rendered using JavaScript. How does it really work? Let's dig one step further down and see what really happens and detail out some of the moving parts. So you can quite easily yourself turn it off using code server side or CSOM!!

The MDS is not enabled on publishing sites and is as I understand it not compatible with publishing sites, there are a couple of reasons for this, continue to read for more information Requirements for MDS Except enabling MDS it is required for the MDS to work there is one control that must be placed in the master page - the AjaxDelta control.

It should be added to the head section of the master page. This control is responsible for a couple of things. How is the delta pages generated? This page class is the key to generating the full pages or just the deltas. When MDS is enabled for the site this page is responsible for creating the delta response.

The DeltaPage is also responsible for handling exceptions such as when the master page is different another one or a new version. Every delta request sent using the asyncDeltaManager has a specific request header - the X-SharePoint header.

This header contains information about the master page, the language and if the page is in read-write or read-only mode. The PageRenderMode control [Added ] There is one control called PageRenderMode that can be used on a master page, web part page or page layout.

Introduction to business strategy

This control has one property called RenderModeType which can have one of two possible values; Standard or MinimalDownload. If the control is placed on a page and have the property set to Standard — it will prohibit the page from being rendered using MDS.

So this control can be used on specific master pages to prohibit MDS. Another gotcha here is that even if you have the PageRenderMode control set to MinimalDownload whenever the publishing features are enabled and you have the ribbon on the page, specifically when using the PublishingRibbon in your master page, SharePoint will automagically inject, during runtime, the PageRenderMode control with the property set to Standard.

How does the delta response look like? The response returned to the asyncDeltaManager has a specific format which very much resembles how ASP. Each control that should be re-rendered on a page has it's HTML rendition and all these renditions are separated by a specific token which has the format: This image shows a snippet from the IE Network monitor.

After all deltas, at the end of the response, is another encoded set of data. This data tells what each delta boundary block is intended for and has the following format: There are about ten more different types.

Id identifies the control identifier and data, is the data The asyncDeltaManager takes all this information and assembles the page, so it all looks fast and neat for the end users.

This is due to the reason that the DeltaPage checks all controls present on the page for a specific attribute - the MdsCompliantAttribute. This is an attribute that you can set on a class or on an assembly.

Introduction to Business Strategy | Free eBook in PDF Format

If any of the controls present on a page does not have this attribute or has the IsCompliant property set to false it will not render any delta for that page. To make your own controls MDS Compliant the classes should look like this: This is a bummer.Sep 21,  · Find new ideas and classic advice for global leaders from the world's best business and management experts.

Business Strategy from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In this course you will learn how organizations create, capture, and maintain value, and how it is fundamental for sustainable competitive advantage. You will be able to better. Architecture strategy choreographs the dance of change.

It is the critical link between busines strategy and effective execution of that strategy in a dynamically changing world.

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How does it really work?

SharePoint is based on a very rich web interface containing lots of moving parts and lots of customizable areas. As you know the Interwebz is based on a request-response approach where you request a page and get a response back.

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