Human resource development and strategy essay

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Human resource development and strategy essay

No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be.

The practices of managing a business also then need to evolve taking this reality into consideration. There is a continuous overhaul in the way in which structures and relationships have existed traditionally within a business.

It would be a fallacy to say that this business dynamics does not have any implications for the human resource management HRM function within an organization. The pace with which the competitive forces act on a present day business is the reason enough for re-evaluating the role of HRM within a business.

The debate on the need for human resource function to contribute effectively had started long back with Karen Legge questioning the objectives of what was then called personnel management. Her contention was that human resource management HRM needs to be driven by goals.

The developed economies have made a transition from primarily industrial in nature, which were driven by passive and reactive practices of personnel management, to knowledge-driven economies fuelled by creativity emanating from human mind.

In this environment, capital, in the form of money, is relatively much easier to obtain, while expertise, which in form of employees, required for driving creativity and innovation, is much more challenging to source.

The resulting implications for HRM are: In this essay, we will explore this nascent discipline and evaluate how it is important for businesses competing on global canvas need to transform their human resource function.

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Introduction The overall premise of SHRM is that it should get aligned with business strategy or strategic management of a business. If this is not achieved, then the human resource function is not adding value to a business. To bring clarity to this premise, it is important to define strategic management as well as strategic human resource management: New Role Required Dave Ulrich, professor of business at the University of Michigan, has identified 4 new roles for the human resource function.

He states that these involve HRM becoming: A partner in Strategy Execution: This involves contributing to defining an organizational architecture, conducting an organizational audit, renovation in structure, self-assessment and goal setting within the HR department.

Creation of internal processes within HR department that improve efficiency and credibility. This involves engaging employees and improving organizational climate.

By transforming the base culture of a business that uniformly binds people with common vision and goals. This role involves preparing the organization for facing and managing changes in external environment.

Ulrich, Dave Models and frameworks There are innumerable thoughts on how HRM can be aligned with business strategy and a number of theoretical frameworks have being proposed.

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However the bottom line in all these models is clearly that:Apply for entry now. There are two different application processes: apply online and apply by post.


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Human resource development and strategy essay

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