How to say hi in chinese writing and meanings

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How to say hi in chinese writing and meanings

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The first column in the partial list below is "Charm Inscription". In our example, this would be the Chinese characters in the order we determined: You should scan down the "Charm Inscription" column looking for any inscription that begins with the first character of the inscription.

Therefore, you must continue searching down the list. Therefore, we have found the correct entry and the English translation in the fourth column says the meaning is "Peace under heaven".

13 Ways To Say Hello In Chinese - Ninchanese

There are many charms which have the same Chinese character s at the beginning so it is important to make sure that you find the one with all the characters in the proper sequence. The second and third columns in the table are simply to provide you with a little additional information.

The second column is "Simplified Chinese". In order to make learning a little easier for the Chinese people, some of the more complicated Chinese characters which take many strokes to write have been "simplified" to have fewer strokes.

You will see that in most cases the "charm inscription", which uses the old traditional way of writing characters and is still in use today in Hong Kong and Taiwan, is the same or very similar to the "simplified" version.

The third column provides the pronunciation of the inscription or legend using pinyin which is the romanization system used in China. The fourth column, as you have seen, provides the translation.

How to read Two Character and Eight Character Inscriptions Reading an inscription with two characters follows the same basic rules as reading a four character inscription.

In the example to the left, the characters should be read top to bottom: If you are successful in your search Row 4you should find that the meaning is "happiness and longevity".

Chinese Tattoo Symbols | Most Popular Characters

This charm is discussed in more detail at gourd charms. Some charms and amulets have eight character symbol inscriptions such as the example at the left.

how to say hi in chinese writing and meanings

In reality, these are just two inscriptions of four characters each. Therefore, you would use the same technique we have just learned except that you will be doing it twice, once for each of the four character inscriptions.

Since the inscription is circular with equal spacing between characters the problem is discovering which Chinese character is the first character in either of the inscriptions. There is no period, comma, or other punctuation to give you a clue.

This is not really unusual since ancient Chinese texts actually use no punctuation as we know it. Basically, you will just have to keep guessing and trying different characters to see which one successfully begins one of the four-character inscriptions in the list. The only advice I can give as to discovering which is the first character in either of the two four-character inscriptions is to try to determine the "top" of the charm.

In the example to the left, you would not be able to decide this by looking at this side of the charm.Most used word to say hello in Chinese #1 你好- Hello: the perfect start.

how to say hi in chinese writing and meanings

It would be inconceivable to not mention 你好 nǐ hǎo which is the most common and most used expression to say hello in Mandarin. If you want to learn Chinese, you definitely need to learn this useful word and if you are, this was most likely one of the first things you learned.

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Feb 01,  · Pinyin is a Chinese writing system which uses letters from the Roman alphabet instead of Chinese characters. It is useful for Chinese language learners as it allows you to get started with reading and writing Chinese without the time involved in learning traditional characters%(15).

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愛 universally means love in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, old Korean Hanja, and old Vietnamese. 愛 is one of the most recognized Asian symbols in the west and is . Hear and learn Chinese phrases about Greetings with standard Mandarin pronunciation.

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