Grant writing services for artists

Her work is heavily rooted in building awareness for important, yet misrepresented, issues of social justice using a non-sensationalized and victim-centered artistic approach.

Grant writing services for artists

Download our Logo Getting the word out Want to get the word out about your arts or cultural event or exhibit? Here are some tips on sending out information to the public and local media. Gather all the details: Gather graphics for publicity. Gather photos, create a logo if necessary, work with a designer on the look and any printed materials.

The Press Release Press releases inform the media about your event and can inspire the media to publish a calendar listing or even cover the event.

Click here for a description and example of the anatomy of a press release. Try to let the media know what makes your event unique or relevant. Exaggeration or inaccuracy will only hurt your chances of being a reliable media source.

The more a press release reads like an actual news article, the better. Many smaller publications love releases they can print verbatim.

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Press releases should look professional and be easy to read. Make sure the organization's name, address, website and contact information is visible. Include the media contact's name, direct phone line and e-mail address near the top of the first page.

Include a "pull date" the last date of the event near the top of the first page. Include a headline that summarizes the event and invites people to read the details.

All the most pertinent information should be included in the first paragraph - the five W's. Who is presenting what, where and when? Why should people attend?


Additional paragraphs can provide more descriptive information about the event, artists involved and quotes. Use your mission statement or general description of the organization at the end of the press release. If the press release is longer than one page, write "-More-" at the bottom of each page.

At the end of the last page, include " " to indicate the end of the release. The Press Kit Press kits provide useful background information for members of the press writing previews or reviews of your arts or cultural event.* If you've never applied for anything like this before, attend grant-writing workshops.

Read other artists' proposals, preferably winning ones, to see what good applications look like. Ask artists you know who have gotten assistance whether you can see their applications . Cummings Foundation has awarded more than $ million in grants to nonprofits based in Greater heartoftexashop.comh the initiatives described below, it seeks to provide vital funding to mostly local charities that are working to improve the lives of community members through education, healthcare, human services, and social justice programs.

XOCHI QUETZAL: Free Artist Residency in Central Mexico. The XOCHI QUETZAL Artist and Writer's Residency Program is located in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico on the shores of the largest lake in the country where the perfect year-round climate and stunning lake and mountain views have.

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grant writing services for artists

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Youth Arts grants support equitable access to arts and cultural learning opportunities for Seattle's Middle and High School aged youth. Programs occur outside of school hours and are led by experienced teaching artists working in communities to increase arts and cultural opportunities for young people from diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds.

June Grants. The Henry Luce Foundation is pleased to announce $11,, in grants to 27 organizations. These grants, awarded in five program areas, support scholarly and public discourse and foster the next generation of leaders.

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