Epekto ng mga artista sa kabataan

Upang mapatunayan ang isang kaso ng libelo, may tatlong kailangang maipakita ang nagsampa ng kaso: Kung sa aspetong personal, tulad ng kaso ng mga taong galit na nagpo-post tungkol sa kanilang mga dating kalaguyo o boss, maaaring mabilisang mapapatunayan ang tatlo. Maging ako mismo, nagsasabi ng aking mga opinyon tungkol sa mga mahahalagang isyu. Dito na pumapasok ang pagiging malabo ng batas.

Epekto ng mga artista sa kabataan

I am writing this in the wake of several events that have greatly upset the balance of various forces that keep our teetering nation afloat. Three nights ago, I awoke from a night-time nap to see a live telecast of the House of Representatives unseating its incumbent Speaker after an explosive but not shocking revelation and a long and tense voting process, and then installing a new Speaker from the same party.

Then, the day after that, I once again awoke from my slumber in time to see another live telecast—this time showing an emotionally charged man presenting a damning testimony about a large-scale government project and billions of pesos that we and our children and grandchildren, and maybe even our great-grandchildren will have to repay in taxes and foregone basic social services.

Through these past three days, I have kept close watch over the unfolding of events and have felt a deep sense of sadness, frustration, anger—and even rage—over what our country has turned into. WE do not deserve this. I am not here to take sides, or to lay blame, but to make my feelings and ideas known.

In the same way, merely replacing our leaders such as what the Lower House did will not do much to change the system. Then, perhaps, real change can begin. What I propose, therefore, are some steps that will entail changing and strengthening the bureaucracy from within.

So please indulge me in sharing my ideas. I realize that I probably have no authority to say these things—I am, after all, merely a communicator with no degree in law or government, with no actual government experience, and with no PhDs to boast of.

I care so much about what happens to us that I wish I were better equipped to actually make these changes happen. If, after you read this, you think that there may actually be some merit to these ideas, please feel free to pass this letter on to those in government, in civil society, in the academe, or in the private sector who would be capable of putting these reforms into place.

At this point, I simply need the catharsis or I will explode.

Epekto ng mga artista sa kabataan

Reform and strengthen the bureaucracy Change must happen not only in the top tiers of government, but also deep within it and across the board. I have heard many, many horror stories of the dysfunctions of the system not only because of its leaders, but also because of the very people who make it up.

If we are working in the government, or transacting with it and acquiescing to the very ills that pain us today as most of us arethen we are part of the problem, too.

Therefore, the solutions must start at the grassroots level of governance. Corollary to that, require all legislative posts and even all top appointive posts, from cabinet secretaries down to their assistant secretaries and group heads to first pass a Constitutional Exam before even being allowed to file for candidacy.

This may require a constitutional amendment 2. For this, we can look to the BPO industries and other best practices in the private sector for the necessary templates. How much is good governance worth?

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Why do we pay our government officials so poorly and then get surprised when people cheat, lie, and steal to make ends meet? Convene think tanks from the academe, civil society, and private sector Filipinos based here and abroad to make specific recommendations about various priority areas in government.

Make these recommendations public so that there is transparency and accountability in addressing these recommendations. Exploit the power of available technology to demand transparency and accountability from all government officials and employees.

Discourage and eliminate corruption There is absolutely no excuse for corrupt practices. However, our current bureaucratic system has encouraged it because it has failed to reward achievements and punish offenses. Institutionalize regulated and standardized project management fees for government agencies that manage projects.

Perhaps the answer to all these under-the-table kickbacks and commissions is to bring them out into the open and standardize them.

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After all, many companies charge project management fees to run projects; maybe the same system can be applied to government agencies so that we can stop denying that such kickbacks and commissions exist!

Further incentives performance bonuses, etc. Publish a Web-based portal developed and managed by academe, civil society, private sector, with the cooperation of all government departments, agencies, and branches of all existing government projects including infrastructure projects initiated by legislators that will enable even ordinary citizens to track the progress of projects and demand government accountability when and where it is required.

Corollary to this, require all legislators, cabinet secretaries, etc. Create support structures to encourage and protect private citizens who need to report cases of government corruption across all levels.

Perhaps we can also use SMS- and Web-based technologies to make such systems possible. After all, we should all be encouraged to tell the truth so that those who are doing underhanded acts are discouraged from doing so. The events that have recently unfolded in our country only show that we can no longer turn a blind eye on the practical and gray realities surrounding us.Isa pa sa mga negatibong epekto nito ay ang kawalan ng privacy ng mga kabataan sa sobrang pagbibigay ng impormasyon sa kanilang profile.

Yun bang malaking tanong na dapat pa bang paniwalaan ang ilang showbiz columnists, lalo na ang mga biased sa ginagawa nilang pang-uurirat, pang-iintriga, at madalas pang paninira at pag-uudyok ng panghuhusga sa mga artista. Dahil nga sa showbiz news and other scope kaya lumalakas din ang publicity para sa mga celebrities. Question: Did Nadine Lustre Confirm that She's Already Living in with James Reid on Her TV Patrol Interview? Oh sa mga kabataan dyan, hinihikayat kayo ng idol nyo na okay lang makipag live in kasi na. Sana ganyan din gawin sayo ng anak mo Nadine. bka sa mga ibang artista oo dahil medyo liberated na sila, pero para ituro nya sa mga. May mga kabataang nagiging kasapi ng gang, may mga dalagang maagang nagbubuntis, may mga lalaking nalululong sa droga, may mga kabataang nakagagawa na ng krimen, ang lahat ng ito ay bunga ng kawalang kakayahan ng ilang mga kabataan na gumawa ng mabuting pagpapasiya.

Isa pang paksa na maaring madagdag ay ang madali nilang ma-aaccess ang mga websites na may mga nilalaman na para lamang sa mga matatanda. Ang mga pulis at mgataong hinirang ng gobyerno ay dapat ipatupad ang mga batas na dapatsundin upang huwag maging adik o dependent sa mga bawal na heartoftexashop.com mga guro ay dapat ding ipagpatuloy na magbigay ng impormasyontungkol sa epekto ng bawal ng gamot sa kanilang mga estudyante.

Bakit tinatangkilik ng mga Kabataang Pilipino ang KPOP o Kor by Mary Joy Anne Malinis on Prezi

The past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating on the lack of so-called material to write about. Unlike before where I have several photos to post or I am enthusiastically reviewing FHM, I now am in a slump where I am not confident enough to blog about the things occupying my ever free life.

Tagalog. Tagalog lang Tagalog only. Matutong magsalita ng Tagalog.

Epekto ng mga artista sa kabataan

Learn to speak Tagalog. Dito sa “Tagalog Lang.” Here at “Tagalog Lang.” Don’t pronounce “Tagalog” like . Naupo siya sa balkon at nagsimulang maalala ang kanyang kabataan sa pamamahay at bakuran nito.

isa-isang tumayo ang mga magkakasama. Malaki ang epekto sa kababaihan ng krisis pang-ekonomiya ng bansa na lalo ng lumalala dahil sa ilang lider ng gobyerno na walang ginawa kundi ang mangikil.

na siya ring founder at dating pangulo ng. Bakit tinatangkilik ng mga Kabataang Pilipino ang KPOP o Korean Pop Music? Sa aking opinyon at opinyon ng ilan, mas marami ang negatibong epekto nito kaysa sa positibong epekto. Negatibong Epekto: Nakakalimutan na at hindi na nabibigyang pansin ang OPM, mas napapamahal tayo sa.

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