Case study counseling children

However, while the authors avoid taking a stand in this book on the impact of marriage for gay and lesbian couples, and only acknowledge that it is a point for controversy, Maggie Gallagher has been quite outspoken against it. Prejudice aside, the work is still quite good and a basic reference in this area.

Case study counseling children

Michael is a 27 year old male who is the younger of two children. He is a brother, son, co-worker, and in a relationship with his girlfriend of 7 months who is also using drugs. Methamphetamine uses Meth by smoking it Pot and Alcohol.

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Lives in apartment with a male room-mate who is also a co-worker and a regular smoker of pot. Girlfriend lives in apartment complex a short walk from clients apartment.

Case study counseling children

Girlfriend has a 4 year old son. The parents Conrad and Patricia of this 27 year old male Michael contacted me via phone to talk about the options of doing an Intervention with their son Michael.

They were concerned he may be using drugs and was "going off the deep end". We scheduled an appointment for the next Case study counseling children. The initial meeting was attended by parents, Conrad and Patricia, older brother, William 35 and his wife, Nancy.

Family members were informed by the room-mate that Michael could not make his end of the rent and room-mate believed this was a result of Michael's methamphetamine use.

They family had their own information of Michaels drug use because of his work attendance and performance. Michael worked in a family owned and operated construction business.

It had been some time since Michael had done any real responsible work at the company, actually he was more often late or missed work altogether and the situation was getting worse. When Michael did show up he resented the fact that he had to do regular construction work and not be the boss.

The brother, William was enraged by Michael's behavior. William was a hard worker and very focused on becoming the operating partner of the business when dad, Conrad retired. William had low tolerance for Michael's attitude and behavior regarding work.

They had a falling out a year or two earlier related to a work performance issue and William had little use for his brother's behavior at work and preferred him to not be involved in the business. Conrad dad continued to pay Michael a full paycheck whether or not Michael was at work.

Conrad feared that his son just wasn't going to make it but couldn't fathom him being destitute. Most of the time Michael used his paycheck to pay his girlfriends bills and rent and not pay his own.

Then Dad and Mom would step in a pay Michael's bills. The dysfunctional, enabling family system. William was so angry about parent's contuing to bail Michael out of his situation that he would yell at parents and tells them how unfair it was and that he wanted nothing to do with him. By the end of this initial meeting a plan was developed to go forward with a Family Intervention.

Homework assignments were given, a list of logistical concerns was created, we talked about the kind of treatment program that might be the best kind of help that we could offer Michael if he was willing to get help. An appointment was made for the role-play and Intervention. Some of the logistical items that needed attention were to contact treatment programs and find out cost and availability of admission.

Family members were asked to write letters to include their concerns, their feeling about their concerns, and what they wanted or hoped would happen as a result of the Intervention. We met in the role-play session. Parents, brother and sister-in-law, and room-mate.

Everyone brought their rough-draft letters and we were ready to begin, almost. First came the anxious questions they had been thinking of since deciding we would do the Intervention.

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