An experiment on the advantage of playing a scale with a larger hand

However, once you go beyond the primary scale the Pentatonic Minor scale, on most Native American flutesthere are some subtle differences between six-hole and five-hole Native American flutes. The finger hole spacing and the size of each finger hole affect the pitch of the notes produced by the flute and how comfortable the flute is to play.

An experiment on the advantage of playing a scale with a larger hand

Read this article to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of large scale production: The following are the merits of large scale production: Internal economies arise within the firm because of the expansion of the size of a particular firm. External economies arise with the expansion of the industry.

These are generally the result of large scale production and are associated with the advantages of localisation. The large scale production is always associated with more and more division of labour. With the division of labour per worker output increases.

Hence, per unit labour cost is reduced in large scale production. The large scale production always makes use of machines. So, all the advantages of the use of machinery are available. The large scale industries can produce more goods. For instance, a big sugar factory can use molasses to make spirits and thus can reduce the cost of production of sugar.

An experiment on the advantage of playing a scale with a larger hand

With an increase in the size of the firm, the cost of management is reduced. Low Cost of Production: The large scale production gives many types of economies. Suppose, there are two different factories, each producing units of a commodity.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Scale Production

For these two factories, there must be two managers. But if the scale of production is enlarged and in one factory we start producing units of the same commodity, the work can be supervised by one manager. In this way, in the large scale production, the salary of one manager is saved.

So, the cost of production is reduced. Cheap and Easy Loans: A large business can secure credit facilities at cheaper rates, because these firms enjoy credit and reputation in the market due to their fixed assets.

An experiment on the advantage of playing a scale with a larger hand

Banks and other financial institutions willingly advance loans to these enterprises at a very low rate of interest. With the development of large scale production, there arise many small industries which use its by-products or supply inputs to it.

Suppose, when the production of steel is increased, many other auxiliary industries develop. The development of auxiliary industries contributes to the industrialisation of the area and the industry itself. The production of standardised goods is possible on account of the large-scale production.


Only a big motor company can produce standardised motor parts. Besides, it is possible to sell and transport these goods to distant places only by big business houses. A big concern can afford to spend large amounts of money on advertisement and salesmanship. Ultimately, they do bear fruit.

The amount of money spent on advertisement per unit comes to a low figure when production is undertaken on a very large scale. The salesmen can make a careful study of the individual markets and thus acquire a hold on new markets or strengthen it on the old ones.The strength of the pH scale is determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) where a high concentration of H+ ions indicate a low pH and a high properties of acids and bases.) Hand Sanitizer Acidic Neutral Basic Lemon Soda Acidic Neutral Basic Apple Juice Acidic Neutral Basic White Vinegar Acidic Neutral Basic Baking Soda Acidic.

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Undo You might experiment with the changes you can make in color balance or hue saturation. For example, if you want to estimate the area of a circular playing field, you might pace off the radius to be 9 meters and use the formula area = pr 2. When you compute this area, the calculator might report a value of m 2.

The relationship between handedness, perceived constraints and performance-related skills in string players and pianists Participants performed scale playing. In Experiment 1 no evidence was found for a performance-related or well-being-related performance advantage of one hand (which is extended by sustained practice), can currently.

The reason for the analysis of different playing directions is the difference in hand and finger movements for each direction: scale playing in the outward (ulnar) playing direction requires so-called thumb-under movements ( and fingering), whereas scale playing in the inward (radial) playing direction requires finger cross-over.

Neuroscience For Kids. Touch Experiments one or two pressure points. If your subject reported one point, spread the tips of the clip a bit further apart, then touch the back of the subject's hand again.

If your subject reported 2 points, push the tips a bit closer together, and test again. This experiment is technically not one of the.

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