Air france case

Air France Internet Marketing:

Air france case

Air France and Joon—cover destinations across countries. In a highly competitive industry, where information systems can be strategic competitive assets, Air France — KLM set out to reduce its time-to-market with business applications.

Air france case

Achieving its goals would require bringing together diverse cultures at French and Dutch offices, as well as contending with diverse contexts, operational constraints or regulations across the different business domains.

An Agile Adoption Empowering Business Domains and Teams After the successful launch of three ARTs in the Commercial Digital business domain in late summerthe company decided to leverage this success and create a broader-scale adoption. Prior to launching the broad adoption, a small group of transformation leaders spent several months defining the scope of the deployment, the way the adoption would be conducted, and preparing for adoption on a larger scale.

The leaders decided to adopt Lean-Agile principles and values in the way the program would be set up and run. As a mix of IT and business, the Adoption Team defines the specific objectives, approach, and steps to take in its domain: Agile Enterprise — In the Air France — KLM enterprise, the autonomous, stable, and cross-functional teams are the cornerstones of the organization for driving innovation and continuous improvement.

The Transversal processes support and stimulate an Agile way of working and mindset at all levels. This allows the company to focus on continuously maximizing quality Air france case delivering value to the customer.

Value Creation — The Agile adoption aims to create more value—for customers and employees. Quality as well as effectiveness go up. The company succeeds by driving down the time-to-market, and increasing the Net Promotor Score.

They engender trust, work with a clear purpose, and provide direction to all levels of the Agile Enterprise. They are recognized for their Agile leadership, enabling others to succeed and drive the organization for continuous improvement. They focus on goals instead of tasks. Employee Engagement — The organization is recognized as a best place to work.

As a result, it attracts talented people. It works closely with customers. People feel responsible and autonomous for their products and results.

Employee satisfaction is high and demonstrated by EPS active promotors. Big-Room Kickoff in Paris: The team, which includes three from Air France — KLM and three from BlinkLane, helps foster the adoption and structure; organize the program and its events; support the domains and the Transversal tracks; and monitor the progress and the results.

Team members from France and the Netherlands came together, bringing distinctive cultures and very diverse states of Agile: Yet despite that excitement, many were hesitant to break out of their own groups and talk with those they had never met.

Thus transformation leaders requested that anyone adding yarn to the program board—indicating dependencies—discuss it directly with the individuals involved. As the first PI progressed, teams achieved about 60 percent of their stated objectives, on average. In leading up to the second PI, they applied the lessons learned and set more accurate, quantifiable objectives.

The same applies to Digital Commercial. Lessons Learned and Best Practices Along the way, they learned a number of lessons to improve their efforts going forward: The same applies for Product Owner. Additionally, the company developed training and workshops for Lean Budgeting, using the Weighted Shortest Job First, and other practical guidelines.

A community of 40 coaches support the effort at various levels: This community is growing in maturity and results. In the third PI, the company will focus on internalization and growth of the coaches, ensuring a more sustainable and economical support for the Agile community. Within three months, their efforts began paying off in business results in the Cargo group: Time-to-market — Each ART team delivers on its promises every three weeks.

Since moving to SAFe, the company released 17 times in the live environment in seven months compared to every six months previously.

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Seeing the vision in the Cargo group encourages team members to contribute to the business value and increases their work satisfaction, as well as collaboration between business and IT Customer satisfaction — Air France — KLM is more intimate with its clients. All Product Owners from the business side have a greater understanding of the demand.Service to this airport is not available.

You can book your trip on the local site for your departure country or contact an Air France point of sale. HW3 – Due at the beginning of the class Monday, March 8th This question deals with the case “Air France Internet Marketing: Optimizing Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and.

Jul 05,  · Pilots' failure to react effectively to technical problems led to the crash of Air France Flight , French investigators said Thursday. Air France v.

Saks, U.S. () Air France v. Saks. No. Argued January 15, After the case was removed to Federal District Court.

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