A time for dancing conflict paragraph

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Jun 02, Monowara rated it liked it I read this book with my year 5 class in SEB, and before I read it I was told it was a great read.

A time for dancing conflict paragraph

I gave this book only 3 stars as it started off as a great read but was disappointed with the ending of the story, however, the children I read it with enjoyed the book.

This book is about a little girl who finds a small bear cub and convinces the whole town and her grandad to let her keep it.

A famous film crew comes into town and decides to use the bear in one of their songs. The book is great fo I read this book with my year 5 class in SEB, and before I read it I was told it was a great read.

The book is great for children as it enhances their vocabulary to a great extent, and I used this book to do most of the vocabulary lessons. Roxanne, the young girl, fights to keep her bear living in their country town as he grows larger.

As she ages into a woman, Roxanne visits her bear less and less, he becomes desolate and less responsive in her absence. A film crew then arrives, wishing to use the town and the bear in their music video.

Shut Up and Dance: Conflict Resolution in Dance Partnerships | Christopher Busbin

The quiet, country town is suddenly turned into a set, the people into extras and Roxanne has to decide whether she will leave to pursue her talents or stay with her friends and family.

However, the story does contain some wonderful descriptions and imagery, making it appropriate as an example in a year three or four Literacy class.

A time for dancing conflict paragraph

It also contains some opportunities to discuss how the characters are feeling, such as Roxanne as she leaves her home or her bear as he is contained in the cage for the safety of others, I would use this in a year two or three class. This story may also appeal to year five or six girls during independent reading.

As an adult, I rather enjoyed the simple, gentle story but I do wonder if a group of young children would appreciate it, despite the lack of excitement.Summaries.

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