A discussion on what makes a person a serial killer

Portrait of the Monster as a Young Man. He led a normal existence, with a close circle of friends, a loving family, and aspirations of leaving small-town life after entering an art college. He went through the same triumphs and travails of adolescence as most of his peers.

A discussion on what makes a person a serial killer

Wikimedia Commons The question "Are serial killers born or made? The disorder is characterized by: A disregard for morals, social norms, and the rights and feelings of others. Exploitation of others in harmful ways for their own gain or pleasure sadistic tendencies.

Manipulation or deceit of others using superficial charmfeigning innocence or disability, or pretending to be working for an admirable cause.

A lack of empathy for others and a lack of guilt or remorse about harming others. Explicit or hidden hostility, irritability, agitation, aggression or violence.

A lack of fear of dangerous situations and behaviors that often leads to unnecessary risk-taking. A failure to learn from the consequences of their good or bad actions.

A history of unstable relationships including romantic relationshipsfriendships and relationship with parents. A failure to fulfill work and financial obligations. Recurrent fall outs with authority figures, including law enforcement, and sometimes sanctions, arrest and conviction. The heritability of antisocial personality disorder is estimated to be 0.

Heritability is the proportion of differences in traits in a population that are due to genetic differences as opposed to differences in the environment. A heritability of 0.

A discussion on what makes a person a serial killer

So, even if we discover that a notorious serial killer has antisocial personality disorder, this does not shed much light on whether he or she was born or made.

What further complicates giving a reasonably plausible answer to the question of heritability is that most people with antisocial personality disorder are not monstrous serial killers or even criminals.

Many people with this personality disorder simply fail as functional human beings—without thereby committing any crimes. So, even if you have antisocial personality disorder, the chance that you become a serial killer is extremely low, which is to say that the heritability of antisocial personality disorder gives us nearly no insight into whether—or to what extent—serial killers are born or made.

Genetic Factors Unrelated to Antisocial Personality Disorder What further complicates finding out whether some of the most barbaric serial killers in history were born or made is that antisocial personality disorder sometimes with a hint of narcissism is just one potentially inherited characteristic that commonly appears among serial killers.

Although there may be a connection between high levels of testosterone and antisocial personality disorder, it is likely that the two conditions can come apart. It is also likely that genetic differences can partially explain differences in testosterone levels. Abnormal levels of the brain chemical dopamine—which is responsible for pleasure and motivation —or the receptors binding sites for dopamine, may also be a contributing factor.

People who naturally have low levels of dopamine or a low number of dopamine receptors need greater excitement to feel stimulated or motivated.

Sometimes only the ultimate thrill can move them this is a likely scenario for the Zodiac killer. A common characteristic of serial killers is that they seek the ultimate thrill as described in letters by The Zodiac killer.

Sometimes the most intense thrill for the serial killer comes from knowing that they are the cause of the fear of the people in the towns where they operate.

They get a deep satisfaction from the feeling of being in control of media, law enforcement and citizens fx. As defects in the regulation of the dopamine system can be genetically determined, this characteristic is yet another potential genetic factor that may contribute to the chances of someone becoming a serial killer.

A discussion on what makes a person a serial killer

How to Make a Monster But sometimes what people who raise the nature -or-nurture question really want to know is not the degree to which genes are responsible for making serial killers but, rather, whether a person who has no genetic predisposition could become a serial killer.

It is unlikely that we will ever have a definite answer to this question. But there are several reasons to think that some serial killers have no genetic predisposition to kill intentionally but are created purely by their environment.

One reason is that the heritability of the exact composition of traits that lead people to kill in malicious ways and on multiple occasions is bound to be extremely low. But if the genes play an insignificant role, this would mean that the wrong environment might suffice for a person to turn into a barbaric killer.

A second reason to think that it is plausible that serial killers are sometimes created by their environment without having the genetic makeup of a killer turns on what we know from interviews with serial killers caught alive. Many serial killers report having had the fantasy of taking the life of another human being.

They often describe their first strike as thrilling but also extremely nerve-wracking and so intense at the time that they thought they would never do it again. However, the brain is capable of desensitizing.

This is a phenomenon cognitive -behavioral therapists make use of in exposure theory—a technique commonly used to rid people of their phobias.(Wuornos is sometimes referred to, mistakenly, as America’s first female serial killer.) Harrison’s study wasn’t able to explain why, say, a seemingly normal homemaker might become a serial.

A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more people, women have been involved as an accomplice with a male serial killer as a part of a serial killing team. is that the FBI handbook () concentrates primarily on communication within a task force while Keppel () makes getting information out to.

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